Raised on the shores of Lake Vattern
Vegan Flava - Earth rights, Lake Vättern

Raised on the shores of Lake Vättern

Raised on the shores of Lake Vättern, is the title of my mural in the city of Jönköping and addresses the bill of Earth rights for Swedens second largest lake.

The mural depicts three birds, black-throated divers (Garvia arctica/ Storlom), taking flight. Jönköping is located on the southern point of Lake Vättern. The lake is subject to one of five European aquatic ecosystem Earth rights projects. Earth rights Sweden (Naturens Rättigheter) is an organization working towards giving Lake Vättern rights which would protect the lake from being misused by interests that are negative for the state of the lake as well as for the wildlife and humans that depend on it.

The lake has been subject to large emissions of pollution for a long time. There’s high levels of PCB, DDT/ DDE, dioxins and flame retardants. Therefore the National Food Administration recommends restricting consuming fish from the lake to 1-2 times per year. It is a fresh water source for 250 000 people and is predicted to double in the coming decade. Giving the lake rights would protect the rights of the people and the wildlife.

Thank you to the organizer Kollektivet Livet for inviting me to paint on this location! The wall is 10 meters wide and 2 meters high.

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Vegan Flava
Vegan Flava