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Visual activism

I’m a visual activist, urban artist based in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to address the climate crisis, our common existential crisis and the culture which has driven us to it. My work concerns how culture, norms and identity affects the environment, animals and our selves. 

Signs on the surface

I’ve explored the climate effects in my immediate local surroundings in a body of landart work titled Signs on the surface. To reach an outsiders perspective on what we humans do to our home planet I’ve made poems and paintings on landscapes so large they’re only comprehensible from above. The astronaut William Anders said ”We set out to explore the moon and instead discovered the Earth”. 

Migrating nature and departures from the ecocide

The happenings we are witnessing right now are so unique it’s only happened five times during our planets 4,5 billion years of evolution. We live in the sixth mass extinction of species. I’m depicting animals and plants in the act of migration, from a human vision for the world. Everything need either to adapt or move, others will die and species go extinct. In 1972 Olof Palme, the primeminister of Sweden at the time, suggested international laws against ecocide. That’s almost 50 years ago. 

The collaps of our culture - Sculls and skeletons

I’ve explored the collaps of our culture in a large body of work where human civilazation is collapsing by its own weight. I took away the layers of identity and came down to the bones. The skeleton and cranium became a symbol for the common and it was a way to paint us all at ones. Just as a lifetime here is finite, so is also our Earth. Life is precious and unique as a fingerprint, as a print of a paw or a clove. Let us choose our actions carefully every single day. What we do today, has an impact on a future we are going to have to face.

We humans displace and change the constituents of our earth like no other being. With our inventions we transform the natural world into an artificial world controlled by mankind. We are transforming the earth’s biomass into human mass.

We humans often demand a motivation for why something should exist, what we should have a plant or an animal for, how they should serve us. A raison d’être that strikes back at our own well-being. So what is our answer, if all the plants, animals, lakes, seas, mountains, glaciers, air and atmosphere of the world should ask us - What is your reason for being?