Broken Earth Broken Heart


Broken Earth Broken Heart

Now that we see us braking ecosystems, now that we know we can completely destroy our Earth, can we also understand and act to be the protectors of our beautiful Earth? It is our common heart!

If life is hard today, what will it be on a broken Earth? The lines become visible when we cross them. The signs are at our feet. We should stop and think, redo, remake, repair and continue with new knowledge and new vision. Today the emmissions are still rising! 

Our cultural vision, "the world was made for humans and humans was made to conquer it" is an human made and human centric idea. This vision has led humans to domesticate the fully functional and healthy natural systems of the Earth and turn them into artificially human controlled systems. This has led to ecosystems falling apart, disrupted weather systems and rising temperatures. Humans are moving more material than the worlds rivers combined, animals living in the wild are only 3 % of all animals. We are turning the planets biomass into human bodymass. Most people live now in cities completely dependent on the import of goods. We have turned nature uppside down.

Nature needs to recover, repair and we have to reconnect to become a part of nature again, where we as humans contribute to all life on Earth. Instead of being the largest threat to all lifeforms we could choose to be the opposite. The guardians and caretakers of our home planets climate, ecosystems and the diversity of species. That should be the real wealth, and the real growth, and the real bank, and the real currency.

I painted this mural during Spring Beast Festival at the Snösätra Graffiti Hall of Fame in Stockholm 2019.