Signs on the surface


For many winters I watched the first snow fall cover the landscape. It looked like a giant sheet of paper or an infinite white canvas. For some years the winters in Stockholm was quite mellow so my local lake Mälaren didn't freeze, but in 2016 it did and I finished my first painting on it.


The winter of 2017-2018 was very snowy in Järvsö Sweden. I was there with my family. While they were out skiing, I took walks in the forest and out on the lake. I had a shovel and some chalk spray with me. Now that I had a  drone I could make these pieces to get a perspective from above. Like an outsiders wiev.



My work concerns how culture, norms and identity affects the environment, animals and our selves. I took away the layers of identity and came down to the bones. In my work the skeleton and cranium becomes a symbol for the common, it's a way to paint us all at ones. Just as a lifetime here is finite so is also our Earth. Life is precious and unique as a fingerprint, as a print of a paw or a clove. Let us choose our actions carefully every single day. What we do today, has an impact on a future we are going to have to face.